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St George and the Dragon


  • Halloween:
    Eve of all saints day, when witches are meant to fly.
  • Hamlet:
    A small village.
  • Harpy:
    Greedy monster with woman's face and body and a birds winds and claws Found in Greek and Roman myths.
  • Harvest:
    Reaping or gathering of grain or crops.
  • Haunt:
    1. A dead person's spirit that frequents a place or person 2. A familiar place that is visited regularly 3 .Frequently occur in a person's memories
  • Heath land:
    Open tract of land with plants such as heather and gorse.
  • Heaven:
    1. Abode of god and the angels that good spirits will inhabit. 2. Vault over the sky containing the stars.
  • Hell:
    Abode of devils and bad spirits, a place of wickedness and torment.
  • Hell-hounds:
    A fiendish large black dog, often described as being as big as a calf with either a single red eye or glowing red eyes often associated with roads, graveyards or ancient sites. In some myths, they are bringers of bad fortune or guardians of treasure.
  • Hellish:
    Like hell
  • Heraldic:
    Something associated with a symbol or coast of arms.
  • Hermit:
    A recluse or person living in solitude.
  • Hero:
    A person showing superhuman qualities admired for noble achievements.
  • Hillfort:
    Fortified place built on a hill.
  • Hovel:
    Miserable poor dwelling.
  • Hundred-weight:
    Old measure of weight equalling 112 lbs and equivalent to 50 kg.

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