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The Story of the Griffin and the Heroes


  • Valour:
    Bravery especially in battle.
  • Vampire:
    A creature that is supposed to leave its grave at night and suck blood from living people.
  • Vapours:
    A visible gas to which some substances can be converted.
  • Venerate, Veneration:
    Honour with great respect or reverence.
  • Vengeance:
    Take revenge with great intensity.
  • Viking:
    A Scandinavian trader or pirate in the 6th-10th centuries.
  • Vision:
    1. In myths something seen in a dream or imagination. 2. A person or thing beautiful to see.
  • Visitation:
    A visit in myths often of a spirit with a message to convey.
  • Vow:
    A solemn promise, especially to God or a saint.
  • Vulnerable:
    Able to be hurt or harmed or attacked.
  • Vulnerable:
    Able to be hurt or harmed or attacked.

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