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The Flying Fish


  • Earl:
    British Nobleman.
  • Elf:
    A small being with magic powers or a supernatural being or mischievous creature. The word comes from aelfnoth, which means 'elf-courage'. Elves were originally thought of as shining, radiant, beings of light.
  • Emblem:
    Symbol that represents something used as a distinctive badge.
  • Enchant:
    Put someone under a magic spell or make someone delighted.
  • Energy:
    In myths the main use of the term energy is as a force or power or electrical charge.
  • Entity:
    A thing that has an existence, often in myths the word is used as a way of referring to a spirit or unknown supernatural being.
  • Era:
    A period of history.
  • Excavate:
    Make hollow or extract by digging.
  • Exorcise:
    Expel an evil spirit from a person or place.

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