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Phila, the Whirl of Wind


  • Damsel:
  • Deity:
    God or spirit that is worshiped.
  • Demon:
    Evil destructive spirit, devil or supernatural being.
  • Devil:
    1. Supreme spirit of evil and enemy of god. 2. Superhuman malignant being or very bad person.
  • Divine:
    1. Godlike or devoted to god. 2. Excellent gifted or beautiful.
  • Doomsday:
    Final day of judgement, end of time.
  • Doorway:
    Opening or entrance in myths often between two worlds.
  • Dowsing:
    Searching for hidden water often by use of sticks or dowsing rods.
  • Dragon:
    A mythical monster like a reptile usually with talons and wings often breathing fire they can be guardians of treasure as well as terrifying beasts.
  • Dream:
    1. To have a vision i.e. see and hear in sleep. 2. To have goal to aim towards.
  • Druid:
    Priest, magician or soothsayer amongst the Celts of ancient Britain or Gaul.
  • Dungeon:
    Strong underground cell for prisoners.

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