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Dusty and the Seven Kangaroos


  • Oath:
    1. To make an undertaking or swear to do something or serve someone. 2. A spoken witness that a statement is true or a promise shall be kept.
  • Offering:
    To present goods, or a victim in way of sacrifice, to a god or deity.
  • Ogre:
    Man-eating giant in folklore.
  • Old Nick:
    The devil.
  • Omen:
    Occurrence that predicts or prophesises a good or evil happening.
  • Oppress, Oppression:
    1. Govern or treat somebody cruelly or unjustly. 2. Weigh somebody down with worry or sadness.
  • Ordeal:
    1. Ancient mode of deciding a person innocence or guilt by subjecting them to a physical test. 2. Experience that tests character or endurance.
  • Outcast:
    Person cast out or cut off from home and family, homeless of friendless.
  • Outlaws:
    Person deprived of the protection of the law or operating outside the law.

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