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The Three Little Piggies


  • Pagan:
    Heathen or unenlightened person engaging in festivals or rituals previously thought to be unenlightened.
  • Palmer:
    1. Pilgrim returning from the holy land with palm branch or leaf. 2. Travelling monk under a vow of poverty.
  • Parliament:
    The assembly that makes a countries laws.
  • Parliamentarians:
    Those who supported Cromwell during the English Civil War in the 17th Century.
  • Particles:
    Very small pieces.
  • Path:
    1. Foot way or tract. 2. Way forward (such as in finding the right path).
  • Patrolmen:
    A person whose job it is to patrol - travel regularly over an area in order to guard it.
  • Pedlar:
    Travelling seller of small wares usually carried in a pack.
  • Penny:
    British bronze coin.
  • Perplex:
    Bewilder, puzzle or confuse.
  • Persecution, Persecuted:
    Be continually cruel to somebody, especially because you disagree with his or her beliefs.
  • Phantom:
    1. An apparition or spectre 2 .A form without substance or reality mental illusion
  • Phenomena:
    A thing that occurs over which the cause is in question.
  • Pilgrimage:
    A pilgrim's journey.
  • Pilgrims:
    A person who journeys to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion.
  • Pillage:
    Carry off goods using force, especially in war.
  • Pirate:
    A person on a ship who attacks and robs other ships or places on the coastline.
  • Pit:
    Natural or manmade whole in the ground, often made by extracting material.
  • Pixy:
    Supernatural being akin to a fairy.
  • Plunder:
    1. To rob a person or place by force, especially during war. 2. The goods that have been carried off by force.

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