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The Wolf's Side of the Story


  • Galleytrots:
    Large black supernatural dogs, Galleytrots are mostly found near old burial grounds or hidden treasure the name is through to be 'guard of the treasure'.
  • Gallows:
    Structure used to hang criminals.
  • Gaol:
    Public prison for detention of criminals or those committed there by the court of law.
  • Gateway:
    A structure or device that allows a person to enter or exit. In myths this can also be an entrance or exit between two worlds.
  • Ghosts:
    The appearance or sighting of a dead person. Great Britain has the most highly documented & recorded history of ghosts and ghostly sightings in the world, with over 150 haunted castles alone and many thousands of public houses and private residences boasting a ghost.
  • Giant:
    Legendary beings -giants (female version giantess). are humanoid creatures of very large size and incredible strength. They appear in the tales of many different races and cultures. They are often stupid or violent and are frequently said to eat humans, especially children; others giants, are intelligent and friendly.
  • Gibbet:
    Upright post with an arm on which the bodies of criminals were hung as a warning to others.
  • Goblin:
    Mischievous ugly demon.
  • God:
    Superhuman being worshipped as having power over the natural world (female version goddess)
  • God-forsaken:
    Having no merit, dismal.
  • Gold:
    Precious yellow metal worth a considerable amount of money.
  • Golden:
    Brilliant, beautiful or precious thing.
  • Good tidings:
    Brining good news or wishing someone well.
  • Goodness:
    Showing kindness generosity or benevolence or having virtue.
  • Guardian:
    Keeper, defender or protector

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