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The Wolf's Side of the Story


  • Ill fortune:
    Bad luck
  • Illuminate:
    1. Light something up 2. To decorate something such as a manuscript
  • Illusion:
    A false belief or vision.
  • Imagination:
    Ability to form images in the mind.
  • Immortal:
    1. Living for ever, not mortal 2. Famous for all time
  • Imp:
    Child of the devil or little devil.
  • Infantry:
    Soldiers who fight on foot.
  • Inn:
    House providing rooms for travellers where alcohol can be brought.
  • Inscription:
    Words carved on a monument, coin or stone or a dedication in a book.
  • Interference:
    1. Crackling or distorting or a radio or television signal 2. Interfering taking part in something that has nothing to do with you
  • Interwoven:
    Blended together, entwined.
  • Intriguing Intrigued:
    Puzzling and arousing interest.
  • Investigate:
    Find out as much as you can about something; make a systematic enquiry.
  • Irksome:
    Tedious or tiresome or annoying.
  • Iron:
    Silver-white metal of great strength.

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