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The Wolf's Side of the Story


  • Talisman:
    An object that is supposed to bring good luck.
  • Talon:
    A strong claw.
  • Tavern:
    An inn or public house.
  • Tempest:
    A violent storm.
  • Tempestuous:
    Stormy; full of commotion.
  • Tenant:
    A person who rents a house building or land etc from a landlord.
  • Territory:
    An area of land, especially one that belongs to a country or person.
  • Test:
    To carry out a test or challenge on a person or thing.
  • Theory:
    1. A set of ideas put forward to explain something. 2. The principal or something rather than its practice. 3. In theory what should have happened.
  • Thief:
    A person who steal things.
  • Token:
    In myths usually a sign or signal of something such as a gift to symbolise a token of friendship or allegiance.
  • Tomb:
    A place where someone is buried -a monument built over this.
  • Torture:
    Make a person feel great pain or worry.
  • Trance:
    A dreamy or unconscious state rather like sleep.
  • Transform, Transformation:
    Change the form or appearance or character of a person or thing.
  • Trauma, Traumatic:
    A shock that produces a lasting effect on a person's mind.
  • Treasure:
    A store of precious metals or jewels.
  • Treasure chest:
    Lockable box in which treasure is stored.
  • Treaty:
    A formal agreement between teo or more countries or groups of people.
  • Trial:
    1. The process of examining evidence to see if somebody is guilty of a crime. 2. To put something or someone to the test. 3. An annoying person or thing.

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