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Athena' Mother


  • Radar:
    A system that uses radio waves to show in screen the position of an object that cannot be seen due to distance, fog or darkness.
  • Radiation:
    1. Light, heat or other energy radiated given out in rays. 2. The energy or particles sent out by a radioactive substance.
  • Rational:
    1. Reasonable or sane. 2. A person able to use reason using not prone to fantasy or things that cannot be proved.
  • Rebels:
    1. Refuse to obey someone in authority, especially your own government; fight against your own group or country 2. Someone who rebels against government or accepted standards of behaviour
  • Reconcile, Reconciliation:
    1. Make people who have quarrelled become friendly again. 2. Persuade a person to put up with something. 3. Make things agree.
  • Relic:
    Something that has survived form an earlier time.
  • Religion:
    1. A particular system of beliefs or worship . 2 .What people believe about a god or gods and how they worship.
  • Resolution:
    1. Showing great determination. 2. A formal decision made by a committee or group. 3. Something you have resolved to do. 4. The solving of a problem.
  • Revelation:
    Something revealed especially something surprising.
  • Revelry, Revellers:
    Joining in lively or noisy festivities.
  • Revenge:
    Harming somebody in return for the harm they have done to you.
  • Rhythmic:
    A regular pattern of beats, sounds or movement.
  • Riotous:
    Disorderly or unruly or very boisterous.
  • Rite:
    A religious ceremony; a solemn ritual.
  • Ritual:
    The series of actions used in a religious ceremony.
  • Robbers:
    People who take or seal from someone.
  • Roundheads:
    The people who supported Cromwell in the English Civil war of the 17th Century.
  • Royalists:
    The people who supported King Charles I in the English Civil war of the 17th Century
  • Ruffians:
    A violent lawless person.

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