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Loridess and Sylon


  • Labourer:
    A person who labours doing work that requires strength or patience rather than skill.
  • Lair:
    1. A place where domestic or wild animals inhabit or lie down. 2. A persons hiding place.
  • Lantern Man:
    Norfolk name given to the mysterious lights that were said to lead travellers from the well-trodden paths into treacherous marshes better known as Will o' the Wisp. The lights were thought to be mischievous spirits.
  • Lares:
    Roman word for good ghosts -household ghosts.
  • Legend:
    Traditional story popularly known as a historical myth, which may have some basis in fact but has been changes and added to over time.
  • Legendary:
    Remarkable enough to be the subject of a legend.
  • Lemurs:
    Roman description for evil ghosts who often tormented relatives.
  • Ley lines:
    Lines of earth power, directly linking in a straight unbroken line the ancient sites of pagan places of worship.
  • Luminous:
    Full of light, bright, shinning or giving off light.
  • Lure:
    To entice or recall an animal or person.

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