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How the Troll was Tricked


  • Abbess:
    Head of an abbey of nuns
  • Abbey:
    Building in which Monks or Nuns live, run by an abbot or abbess
  • Abbot:
    Head of an abbey of monks
  • Albion:
    Original Greek or Roman name for Britain
  • Alchemist:
    Someone who studies or practises alchemy - an early form of chemistry.
  • Alchemy:
    Early form of chemistry, the chief aim of which was to turn ordinary metals into gold or silver
  • Alien:
    Foreign or from another world/place
  • Altar:
    Table, stone or similar structure for placing offerings in a religious ceremony
  • Ancestral:
    Belonging to a previous generation from whom a person is descended
  • Ancient:
    1. Belonging to times long past 2. Very old
  • Angel:
    1. Devine attendant or messenger from god 2. Very kind or beautiful person
  • Angelic:
    Behaving like an angel - behaving with goodness
  • Apparition:
    A or ghost or something strange that appears
  • Arrow:
    A pointed stick to be shot from a bow. Arrows in myths can be golden or often have symbolic meaning
  • Artefact:
    An object made by humans, often refers to an ancient or very old object studies by archaeologists.
  • Arthurian:
    Connected to the legends of King Arthur or his knights.
  • Ascension Day:
    The day in the Christian calendar (40 days after the resurrection), when Christ was believed to have risen (or ascended) to heaven.
  • Assizes:
    A session held at regular periods in England and Wales, in each county, for the administrating of justice
  • Astronomer:
    A person who studies the stars and their movements
  • Atmosphere:
    1. A feeling or mood given by the surroundings 2. The air around the earth

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