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How the Troll was Tricked


  • Cart:
    Strong two or four wheeled farming or goods vehicle usually horse-drawn, but sometimes pulled by a person.
  • Casket:
    1. A box for jewellery 2. A container
  • Castle:
    Large protected or fortified building or stronghold.
  • Cathedral:
    Large important church usually in a city.
  • Cauldron:
    Large pot in witches were meant to mix their spells.
  • Cavalier:
    A supporter of King Charles I in the English Civil War.
  • Cavalry:
    Soldiers who fight on horseback or in armoured vehicles.
  • Cave:
    Hollow in a rock or a hole in the ground.
  • Celtic:
    Something belonging or related to the Celts, -a group of Western European people which included the ancient Britons and Gauls.
  • Ceremony:
    A rite or formal set of actions observed on a certain occasion.
  • Chalice:
    A large goblet for holding wine, especially one from which Communion wine is drunk in Christian Services.
  • Chancel:
    Part of a church near the alter, where the choir or clergy are usually situated.
  • Chapel:
    1. A place of Christian worship other than a church or cathedral. 2. place for private worship in a larger building such as a cathedral.
  • Charity:
    Kindness or leniency shown to another person or group of people or goods or money provided for the benefit of others. Charitable people are prone to giving and helping others.
  • Charm:
    1. To bewitch or influence as if by magic. 2. A protective talisman or object kept for protection. 3. To captivate or delight.
  • Charter:
    A written document given to a person or group of people that usually outlines certain rights or privileges.
  • Chasm:
    Deep fissure of hole.
  • Chieftain:
    Leader of a tribe, clan or group of people.
  • Chronicle:
    A record of events as they happened
  • Chroniclers:
    A preson who records historical events in order of their occurrence.

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