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How the Troll was Tricked


  • Sabbath:
    A weekly day for rest and prayer, Saturday for the Jews, Sunday for the Christians.
  • Sacrament:
    An important Christian religious ceremony such as baptism or Holy Communion.
  • Sacrifice:
    1. Giving something that you think will please a god e.g. an offering of a killed animal. 2. Giving up something that you value, so that something good may happen. 3. A thing sacrificed.
  • Saint:
    A holy or very good person.
  • Sanctify:
    Make sacred or holy.
  • Sanctuary:
    1. A safe place or refuge. 2. A sacred place or part of the church where the alter stands.
  • Satan:
    The Devil.
  • Satanic:
    To do with the Devil.
  • Satyr:
    A woodland god with a mans body and goats ears tail and legs from Greek myths.
  • Saxons:
    A member of a people who came from Europe and settled in parts of England in the 5th and 6th centuries.
  • Scaffold:
    A platform on which criminals are executed.
  • Scepticism, Sceptical:
    To question things, not believe easily.
  • Scoundrel:
    A wicked or dishonest person.
  • Scribe:
    1. A person who made copies of writings before printing was invented 2. A religious scholar in biblical times
  • Seal:
    1. Something holding two parts together. 2. Close something by sticking two parts together. 3. Conclude a deal. 4. Close an opening.
  • SČance:
    A meeting at which people try to make contact with the spirits of dead people.
  • Searcher:
    A soldier guarding something.
  • Serf:
    A farm labourer who worked for a landowner in the middle ages and who was not allowed to leave.
  • Serpent:
    A snake.
  • Shire:
    A county the rural areas of England.

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