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How the Troll was Tricked


  • Wand:
    Thin rod - especially one used by a magician.
  • Wares:
    Manufactured good of a certain type.
  • Warrior:
    A person who fights a battle; a soldier.
  • Wayside:
    A path or road.
  • Wayward:
    Wilfully doing what you want.
  • Wearisome:
    Something that makes a person tired or weary.
  • Well & Wishing Well:
    1. Deep hole dug to bring up water. 2. Belief that good fortune can be gained from placing and offering in a well.
  • Werewolf:
    A person who sometimes changes into a wolf, particularly when there is a full moon.
  • Wherry:
    Sailing vessel that ferried goods between Norwich and the coast
  • Wherryman:
    A person that worked on a Wherry (type of sailing vessel).
  • Whetstone:
    A shaped stone for sharpening tools.
  • Wicked:
    1. Morally bad or cruel 2. Mischievous 3. Excellent
  • Wilful:
    Obstinately determined to do what you want.
  • Will o' the Wisp:
    A flickering spot of light seen on marshy ground. The Will o' the Wisp is the most common name given to the mysterious lights that were said to lead travellers from the well-trodden paths into treacherous marshes. They are Mischievous spirits either of the dead or non-human intelligence.
  • Wisdom:
    1. Being wise. 2. Wise sayings or writings.
  • Wise:
    1. Judging well and showing good sense. 2. Knowing or understanding many things.
  • Wish:
    1. Something you desire or wish for 2. The action of wishing
  • Wit:
    1. Intelligence or cleverness. 2. A clever kind of humour.
  • Witch:
    A person, especially a woman who uses magic to do things.
  • Witch-finder:
    Someone who hunted down witches

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