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The Black Egg, Pan Gu and the World


  • Nightmare:
    Very bad or frightening dream.
  • Noble, Nobility:
    1. Being Noble having a good character. 2. The aristocracy.
  • Nobleman, Noblewoman:
    A person of high social rank.
  • Normans:
    A descendent of the people from Normandy as in the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066.
  • Notoriety, Notorious:
    Known for very bad conduct.
  • Nun:
    Woman living in a convent or nunnery under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
  • Nunnery:
    A building where nuns live.
  • Nursery rhyme:
    A simple rhyme or song of the type that young children like.

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