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How Giraffes Got Long Necks


  • Banish:
    1. To punish a person by ordering them to leave a place or country, to be sent a long way away 2. To drive away doubts or fears
  • Banquet:
    A lavish feast or dinner, usually held as a celebration
  • Banshee:
    Wailing female spirit or ghost
  • Baptism:
    Christian religious naming ceremony, involving sprinkling with or dipping a person in water as a sign of purity and to receive them into the church.
  • Baron:
    1. A member of the lowest rank of noblemen 2. A powerful owner of industry or business
  • Barrow (long barrow, round barrow):
    A mound of earth over a prehistoric grave. In myths barrows are often associated with fairies and spirits.
  • Beadle:
    An official with ceremonial duties in a church, college or city.
  • Beer seller:
    A person who sells beer.
  • Black dogs:
    Large fearsome dogs often described as being as big as a calf with either a single red eye or glowing red eyes often associated with roads, graveyards or ancient sites. In some myths, they are bringers of bad fortune or guardians of treasure.
  • Blockade:
    Surrounding a town or city or port etc to stop or obstruct people or goods coming in or out.
  • Bonfire:
    Large open-air fire to celebrate an event.
  • Boundary:
    A limit or a line, in myths this often refers to the edge between two worlds.
  • Brewer:
    Someone who makes beer.
  • Broomstick:
    Handle of a broom thought to have been ridden through the air by witches.
  • Burgess:
    Old term relating to a member of parliament for a borough, town or university.
  • Burial grounds:
    Cemetery or ancient site where the dead were buried.

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