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How Giraffes Got Long Necks


  • Fable:
    A story often of supernatural character, which is not based on fact usually, told to conveying a moral.
  • Fact:
    A truth based on accurate information or thing known to have occurred
  • Fairy:
    Mythical small being with magical powers
  • Fairy-ring:
    Circular band of darker grass with mushrooms or toadstools attributed to the dancing of fairies.
  • Fairy-tale:
    Tale about fairies, mythical creatures or strange happenings.
  • Faith:
    Reliance or trust in something without proof
  • Familiars:
    Animals that were close to witches and assisted them or were thought to provide them with powers.
  • Fantasy:
    Imaginary invention or dream not based on fact.
  • Fate:
    1. What will happen or has happened to somebody their destiny. 2. A power that is thought to make something happen.
  • Fear:
    State of alarm or painful emotion brought about by the idea of coming danger.
  • Fearsome:
    Something that is very frightening or awful, especially in looks.
  • Feast:
    Large sumptuous meal enjoyed by a number of people, often related to a festival.
  • Feat:
    Brave or noteworthy act involving bravery, high ability or strength.
  • Fen, Fenland:
    Low marshy or flooded area of land.
  • Fenlander:
    Inhabitant of the fens.
  • Ferocious:
    Very fierce, savage or cruel.
  • Festival:
    Feast day or celebration.
  • Feud:
    Lasting hostility between two or more people or groups of people.
  • Feudal:
    Medieval system of government arising from the holding of lands, where a master or overlord is the landholder.
  • Fiend, Fiendish:
    Evil spirit or person that is wicked or cruel in their actions.

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