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Arachne the Spinner

Greek myth set in Ancient Lydia (today -North West Turkey) Dated: -600 - -600
Arachne was a very talented spinner and weaver but also arrogant, so arrogant she challenged the goddess Athena to a contest. Find out what happened when the goddess accepted the challenge.

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2nd February 2014
Arachne the Weaver -a punishment story
I have done a PowerPoint of pictures And I have been asked to show my presentation in class Here is what I,ve said...

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Name: Keegan 18th April 2014
I thought that Athena gave mercy to Arachne when she hung herself so she turned the rope to string and gave Arachne a spider potion...but I'm willing to take your word for it!
Name: Amber 4th April 2014
When I say this I am not trying to be rude but you have the wrong story.
Arachne's parents boasted about her beautiful work and so she let it go to her head. One day she got a comment on her artwork that it was as good as the godess Athena's. When Arachne shouted that out loud, the goddess Athena heard and came down from Olympus. ATHENA THEN CHALLENEGED ARACHNE TO A WEAVING COMPETITION, because Athena is the goddess of war strategies, wisdom, and weaving. After a few days they were done, but everyone in the town could see that Arachne's was way better than Athena's work. Athena was so annoyed, upset, and jealous than she punished Arachne by saying "YOU WANT TO WEAVE DO YOU? WELL NOW YOU CAN WEAVE ALL YOUR LIFE!" And then she turned her into a spider.

And that, My friends, Is how the story goes.

Sorry if it was rude to say this.
I apologize if it was.

- Amber :D
Name: Bob 14th March 2014
she hung herself why
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