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Perseus and Medusa

Seriphos, Greece Dated: -1000 - -900
Perseus was no ordinary young man and he was caught up in a chain of events that would be told in myths forever and a day

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15th January 2016
perseus the legendery gorgon slayer
Once apon a time lived the king of Darun city called king Arcrisius. He had a daughter called jenny she was married but there...

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Name: Lola And Lizzy Blossom 11th June 2016
We liked it and it was a very good legend or myth our favourite part was when Perseus cut off Gorgon Medusa's head because we thought that Gorgon Medusa was revolting and discusting
Name: Rtus 10th June 2016
it was really good not sceary but might bee sceary for children younger than 4-9 years old.there is a lot of heads getting chopped off and groosom for a lot of younger children. plz don't let any one wach this on their own because it might be really really sceary.
Name: Elisabeth 10th June 2016
spooky but it might give people nightmares at night
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