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Pandora's Box

, Ancient Greece Dated: -600 - -500
Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box

Zeus was a God,
well king of them all,
he could move the seas at
the sound of his call.

He was angry with many,
so he washed up the tide,
kept building and building,
to make man's bride.

Mercury gave her knowledge,
Venus made her fair,
Apollo taught her music
which she wanted to bear.

Zeus sent a gift,
in the form of a box,
which could never be opened
in spite of the locks.

But Pandora was curious,
she heard a shout,
'Please, Pandora, please'
Please let us out!'

Pandora couldn't bear it,
she started to mourn,
she opened the chest
and out flew a swarm.

'I'm Pain!'
'I'm Old Age!'
'I'm disappointment!'
'I'm Rage!'

Pandora was frightened,
she didn't know what to do.
She ran out the door screeming,
'This cannot be true!'

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