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The Ghost Hound of Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis, Dorset, England Dated: 1780 - 1800
The Black Hound

This story is about a man who owened a manor and then one night he was robed then killed! The robers said to give them his fortune {all his money} but he refused the dog was left at the end of the stairs and died of starvation. A couple years later a farmer bought the manor and he would always rest there after his hard day of work. Then one day after a tiering day he was resting by the fire then out of nowhere the black dog apered on the oppisite side of the farmer. He was shocked but then got used to the dog even though he wasnt part of his world. The villigers warned him to get rid of it "But I dont see the harm its doing no money was needed for the dog and he didnt hurt a fly!" the farmer said. The farmer was so angry he kept poking and stabbing it with a stick. The dog jumped into the cieling and the man throgh the stick at the cieling were the dog jumped and a box came falling out. The farmer picked up the box and opened it "This is a fortune!" the farmer said. He bought a house not far from the manor and he turned it into an inn. He then, in honor of the black dog, he named it "The Black Dog." the dog no longer haunted the manor. But that doesnt mean he finnaly rested in peice. he now haunted the street the inn was on. Its known the somtimes the dog still is seen on the lane. In 1559, 3 tourists saw the dog but they said it scared the to daeth. Since becuase of that the lane is now called "Dog Lane."

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