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A Mermaid and a Magic Comb

Cury, Cornwall, England Dated: 1700 - 1800
The Little Mermaid

Once apon a time there was a young mermaid. She had seven other sisters. She was told: "When you sixteen you can go over the waves and see the human land". One by one the sisters went to the surface. Then it was the little mermaids turn. she went to the surface.

It was a horrible day for sailing but the prince went sailing anyway. Suddenly the boat hit some rocks that werent visible. The prince was threw into the water. the little mermaid swam and pulled him on land and started singing to him. The next moment they were in love.

The little mermaid heard someone coming and swam away. She was still in love and wanted to marry the man with the split tailM so she went to the sea witch.

"I will grant your wish, but you must give me your voice and if the prince does not love you you will turn into sea throth and you soul will be mine". The little mermaid agreed.

From his castle the prince could see the beach. he saw someone and ran down to see who it was. "Hello are you alright?" the mermaid went to speak but nothing came out. "You cant speak?" the mermaid nodded her head. "Come with me." A servant brought the mermaid some clothes. She sleeped all night. The prince was up early and went to the balcony. He heard singing. It sounded like the singing he heard when he almost drowned. He ran down to the beach "You save my life!" "Yes I did." It was the sea witch. she had tranfored into a beautiful lady using the little mermaids voice.

When the mermaid woke up she got a shock "We're going to marry tomorrow" said the prince to a wedding planner. The little mermaid was invited to. It was the third day. "I do" said the prince. It was sunset the little mermaid was standing on a rock by the sea. she was then swept off the rock and now belong to the sea witch.

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