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The Black Dogs of Bungay

Bungay, Suffolk, UK Dated: 1165 - 1577
The Scary Christmas Ride!!!!

It is said that on an cold night in October you can hear the cries and screams of the passengers of the train that became derailed on the train embankment in Anlaby, a village just outside of Hull.

The story goes that two small boys had been playing near the railway tracks all day and had been building play dens in the chalk which was used to build the railway embankment and had left debris all over. They had stayed until late on a night and had not realised that they had left some rubbish on the train tracks, becuase the last train had gone through hours before. They did not know that one train had been delayed becuase of an engine problem and still had not left the station. As the train left the station, no one knew what was to come.

As the train hurtled along it came to the section where the two boys had been playing when it hit a small piece of metal that the boys had innocently forgotten to remove. The train jumped off the track and crashed down the side of the embankment and rolled and rolled killing some of the people inside.

When the boys heard about the crash the following day they were too frightened to say anything until some 70 years later when the last living boy decided to tell their story.

Every year on the anniversary of the train crash it is said that you can hear the train as it hits the emergency brakes and then crashes down the embankment and you can hear the screams of the people inside.

By sayed Aqeel Sarwari

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