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The Legend of the Fens

Southern Fenlands, Cambridgeshire, England Dated: 130 - 200
The Haunted Church

A wild animal has got out of the zoo. People go in the church and there is the wild animal the half beast half man. clawers sharper then as hawks,a neck longer then a griffes,it teeth are razor sharp , its got a mans head. The hero Glaughator he is a Roman gladitor. He sneeks into the church and slays the half beast half man as the sword plunged into the the beasts heart it gives out a squeale of pain then as it tries to move Glaughator cuts of itS head. In its stomach is dead animals and 8 dead PEOPLE (POOR PEOPLE). When he goes back to the village he tells the tale to every one in the village, the tell their children, then they tell their children and so on, and that is legend of THE HAUNTED CHURCH.

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