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A Mermaid and a Magic Comb

Cury, Cornwall, England Dated: 1700 - 1800
Mermaid Facts

There are three types of mermaids
1. oceanics:these mermaids live in the water all there life they will never have legs ever they are very shy and never come from way deep down in the oceanand never come out they have powers and gills there tails are gold they are the ones that are like ariel

2. aqualess: these mermaids have a tail when wet and legs when dry they have powers and no gills but they can breath under water for a long time they have to work harder to keep there secret they can have any color tail but they dont get too chose there color they are the ones like the girls from H2O

3. sirens: these are the ones you need to watch out for they try to take oceanics and aqualess powers and have them join the sirens the have no powers and they have gills there tails are black and can have legs when they want them

there is eight difrent power for aqualess mermaids the first three are the three oceanics can have

1. hydrokinesis: this is the ability to control water with your mind and hand

2. hydro-cryokinesis: this is the ability to freeze or cool down water

3. hydro-thermokinesis: this is the ability to boil warm or evaporate water

4. aerokinesis: this is the ability to control wind

5. cryokinesis: this is the ability to create and control ice including createing blizzards

6. pyrokinese: this is the ability to start fire and summen lightning

7. lyrokinesis: this is the ability to turn water into gel like substace

8. combined atmokinesis: have all 7 powers

mermaids do not swim faster
mermaids turn into a mermaid no mater where the water touchs
mermaids cant stand in there tail
mermaids will turn into a mermaid no mater what kind of water touchs them
mermaids will turn into a mermaid if a liquid with water in it touchs them

thanks for reading these facts


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