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A Ride with the Devil

Ranworth, Norfolk, England Dated: 1770
A Ride With The Devil

My auntie told me this story of what happened to her when she was younger. My auntie is now in her 60's. This occurred when she was a young adult.

She used to be on her own since she was a little girl. She used to be a traveler and had no real family, just her brother and they both had nowhere really to go. They used to sleep in trees and such.

So one night she was wondering around trying to find somewhere to go, so she decided to hitchhike to a little town not too far away from a town called Lloydminster where she had been residing before.

She had been walking for a bit, when a semi pulled up and pulled over for her, motioning for her to jump in. She hopped in the semi and said hi to the man. The man was really quiet and did not say too many words. He hid his face with a cap pulled over hiding most of his face. She stared at him wondering why he was so quiet and she noticed his hands looked really red and most of his body was covered in a big coat. He offered her a beer, so she took it.

They drove not saying much. She was about to put her empty beer bottle back in the case and turned her head and when she looked back at her beer it was full again?

She got a little scared and asked him to drop her off. She knew he wasn't human and something was not right. He pulled over on the side of the road and let her out. As she was hopping out of the semi, she looked at the bottom of his seat and saw a big red tail hanging out from under his coat and chair.

I don't know what to make out of this story. I always thought she was just drunk, but she doesn't lie and she's older now and still sticks with her story. It's very scary.

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