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The Green Children of Woolpit

Woolpit, Suffolk, England Dated: 1135 - 1155
How The Zebra Got Its Stripes

Long, long ago there was a donkey who was black as night and a bit short. The donkeys enemey was a white, short horse and every two days they would ambush each other.

One day the horse tried to ambush the donkey and the donkey tried to ambush the horse but the god and godess of the jungle were watching. Meanwhile the donkey and the horse set off at the same time to ambush each other.

Midway through the jungle horse bumped into the godess of the jungle and donkey bumped into the god of the jungle.
"Come with me!"shouted godess and god angrily.

A couple of minutes later the donkey and the horse were at the treehouse of the jungle where god and godess lived.
"Where are we?", asked horse brainlessly.
"Your in the treehouse of the jungle,"replied god intellegently.
"We're sick and tired of you to fighting all the time!"explained godess furiously.

While the horse and the donkey were sorting things out god and godess of the jungle were thinking of a way to sort them out. They called the donkey and the horse back up to the treehouse and god and godess of the jungle clapped their hands together really hard and made a big ball.

Thirty seconds later out walked a black and white animal called a zebra. And that's how a zebra was formed.

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