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Arachne the Spinner

, Greek myth set in Ancient Lydia (today -North West Turkey) Dated: -600 - -600
Arachne the Weaver -a punishment story

I have done a PowerPoint of pictures
And I have been asked to show my presentation in class

Here is what I,ve said

Arachne was a weaver,a boastful weaver.she was born in Lydia ,northern Greece.She had many admirers of her talented pieces of work,but her arrogant and selfish behaviour was not appreciated .She also thought she was the best weaver in the world and no one else could weave as delicately her.One day the goddess Athena heard of her boastfulness and decided to disguise herself as an old lady .Athena spoke to Arachne warning her of the consequences of offending the gods .Arachne took no notice of her words of wisdom and said to the Athena "save your breath".Athena angered by Arachne and revealed her true identity .Arachne was shocked. Athena challenged Arachne by saying "we shall have a contest to see who is the best weaver? Arachne was not worried as she knew she was the best.The contest began straight away ,and Athena did a lovely picture of the gods on mount Olympus doing good deeds to other people. Arachne wove a cloth that made fun of the gods and goddess.It showed them behaving badly and getting drunk it was disrespectful to the gods and goddess Athena got even more angry and tore her work into threads. Arachne was so ashamed that she ran into the nearby woods and hanged herself from a tree.Athena took pity on her, but did not want her to live as a human and sprinkled the juices of a aconite plant on her and loosened the rope ."spin if you wish to spin" whispered Athena.All of a sudden Arachne was transformed into a ugly creature , which is now known as a spider because now she could weave her webs forever. !!

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