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A Witch in a Bottle

Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England Dated: 1100 - 1200
A ghost in a Bottle

As I was walking I heard a sound of screaming and the heat of fire. I looked all around but there was nothing I felt really odd, I carried on walking but I heard a help so I ran and looked,but in I still couldn't see anyone but in the corner of my I saw a person who looked like she was suffering.

I went over and I asked are you okay? She didn't answer but it looked like she was burning in a fire but I could not see any but I could smell fire. I was thinking what should I do so I stood there for a minute. I had the Idea but suddenly I heard no screaming, no smell from the fire. I was so confused I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't dreaming it was real! I walked over to were she was standing a couple of seconds ago. But nothing, nothing was there.

I looked again and there was a bottle and I picked it up and I tried to take the lid off but suddenly a man came to me and said "don't let her out she's a ghost, I have tried plenty of years to get her out of my house. I asked " how bad was she?" "Look I don't want her in my house imagine if you had a ghost in your house I'm sure you would like to get rid of it huh?"
I said " Well it depends really, Anyway why did you kill her? "I didn't kill her" " In a fire, Don't you remember just now?" He didn't answer me so I assumed he didn't hear.

I ran out of the field and I started to walk on the dirt track to get home. I walked quite fast not that I was scared or any think it was because its getting dark out and I'm supposed to be home in 10 minutes.

I got home and everything was normal.

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