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A Ride with the Devil

Ranworth, Norfolk, England Dated: 1770
how the giraffe got his long neak

On a hot summer day there was a young Giraffe that lived in a Giraffe village. One day an older giraffe came to him and said “We are out of leaves. Because you are the bravest young giraffe I know. So can you find us another tree”.

So he set off to find another tree. He searched high and low all day and all night and he still couldn’t find one. One night he fell asleep near a river. He woke up looking at a hungry crocodile. He tried talking but the crocodile kept on snapping his teeth together.

He tried talking him to sleep but it was not working. It was only 6:00 when he fell asleep. So he crept around him and he kept on walking and then he fined the tree he was looking for.

So he shouted to all his friends “I have find it, I have find it”. Because of all the shouting he woke the crocodile up. He did not know the crocodile was awake so he went over to the river and the crocodile was snapping. So the hungry crocodile jumped up and bit its neck. The giraffe thought it was all over but the crocodile held on and stretched his neck and his neck turned very long .

So that day on giraffes have long necks.

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