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The Story of Gelert

Beddgelert, Gwynedd, Wales
The legend of gelert

Long long ago ,in North Wales there was a young prince named Llewellyn and had a beautiful son he loved with all his heart he also had a dog called Gelert .Unfortunately Llewellyns wife died in childbirth .

One day Llewellyn went out hunting and put Gelert in charge of the baby he did a great job he knew he could trust him .Gelert laid next to the cot where Llewellyns baby were fast asleep and Llewellyn went out .

Gelert just woke up when he thought he could sent something he was right the wolf hasent eaten for days even weeks Gelert got up and ... The wolf and Gelert were grabbing each other the baby was still asleep they kept fighting until... chomp Gelert stuck his teeth in to the wolf .

A few minutes later prince Llewellyn came home and saw all of the walls and floor and Gelert he thought the worst Llewellyn drew his sword and Gelert was dead ! He saw the wolf I the corner ever since then Llewellyn lived in guilt .😦THE END 😃

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