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An Execution and a Miracle

Westoning, Bedfordshire, England Dated: 1170 - 1350
How Seas were Formed

Many moons ago, there were three gods,Poseidon,Zues and Hades.It was a dry land without any water.All the people and the giants drank animal's blood and there was ice that could not melt.The people were just fed up of the life they lived,so they decided to go to the three gods and talk to them.
They went to the cloud palace above Mount Olympus and said "God Zues,Poseidon and Hades we want a change in the drink.We need something that tastes better than blood." The gods stead still, they thought of something very special.Then Poseidon said "Yah sure I will fulfil your desire alone." After he had finished, all the gods started fighting on who would fulfill their wish. They all got very furious and cross and suddenly,there was a thunder and heavy rain.Everything just sunk. This is how the oceans and seas were created

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