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Slaying the Dragon and Cheating the Devil

Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, England Dated: 1000 - 1100
When the Devil made Dragons

Long ago in England a boy called jack was having a fight with his older brother called mike.One day mike found a spell book belonging to a witch.

The witch was furious she screamed dreadful words like "I curse you" and other horrible words. The noise was so loud that it woke the devil himself.This alarming noise caused him to be very angry.

So he had a talk with the witch.He yelled
"Whats all the noise about?"
The witch replied: "Master I have lost my book.can you help me retrieve it"
The devil said "Yes".

It was not long until he found it .He approached the boy. Suddenly Mike woke up and called his brother "Jack help".
All of a sudden he kicked in the door just to find his brother dead.

As the devil was bringing the book back he spotted a snake and a bat fighting.Suddenly he dropped the book it opened on a fusion page.he wanted to try it with the two fighting creatures.It formed a winged beast. He decided to call it a dragon.

Soon he had over one million dragons. After he was finished he gave the book back to the witch.

Jack was making a plan to catch his brother's murderer. One day, as the witch was walking the woods, she lost her book again. This time Jack found it and brought it home. The witch called the devil back again to look for her book he found it only to find Jack ready.
"Say a prayer", he said.
It and sent the devil straight to hell. Jack kept the book as a memory.

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