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A Ride with the Devil

Ranworth, Norfolk, England Dated: 1770
King of the skatepark

Summer 1995, the skatepark is full. Until a new skatepark order is founded. The King. How it works is the following: competitors compete for the title of ``King of the skatepark`` (the king can also be a girl, still called a king). The victor, the person who did the best, biggest, hardest trick and was cheered by onlookers gets the title. It's usually best 2 out of 3 or 4 out of 7. Once earned, the title remains until the King is challenged and beaten. The king rules the park how ever he wants. He may impose taxes, rules, etc.

Here's the story of my local skatepark, the ruler: a bully called ``The Show`` AKA ``Show``. He runs the park with an iron fist, taxes, rules... The worst one of all: If you are not his friend you can't come in. Unless of course you challenge him, but there's a catch if you loose, you are banned forever!

One day, the little ones (me included) revolted. Me, a little twerp, decides to challenge The show. After pulling-off a double 180° followed by a tailspin I won finally dethroning The Show. All the dumb rules are abolished and The Show is banned forever. But most of all, everyone is allowed in the park, no matter what their age, race or who your friends are. Plus, the Skatepark constitution is rewritten. And so ends the story of my local skatepark.
By Nicolas

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