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A Witch in a Bottle

Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England Dated: 1100 - 1200
The Witch in the Bottle

Long long long ago there was a witch in a bottle. One day the witch in the bottle washed up on land. As the little boy picked up trash on the beach he came upon the bottle. As he picked up the bottle he herd a voice saying \"Pleas free me". He looks at the bottle and sees the witch and the witch says "If you free me i will grant you three wishes". The boy opens the top on the bottle and the witch rises high as the sky."what are your three wishes", the witch says. \
"I won\'t to be rich,I won't a big house,I wont to be king".
"YES, YES, YES,YOUR WISH IS GRANTED". As the boy walks away smiling the witch says "what you o me something" the witch says.
"YES, YES, YES, what is that".
"I won't to rule over your land and no-one cane stop me"

The boy knew he did something wrong. It was all over the town was took over by the witch and the boy lost his stuff that was granted to him. That is why you should not do nothing that don't feel right. THE END!

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