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Perseus and Medusa

Seriphos, Greece Dated: -1000 - -900
perseus the legendery gorgon slayer

Once apon a time lived the king of Darun city called king Arcrisius. He had a daughter called jenny she was married but there appeared a old lady in front of king Arcrisius she said in a gloomy voice your daughter will have a baby boy king Arcrisius opened wide in shock, NO my daughter will not have a baby boy. Then in a gloomy look she smiled.

He stepped forward and kept on doing it. So in the crossroad when Jenny was walking a man caught her in a bag
and put her in a room and locked the door jenny thought about something to get her free but there appeared Zeus. She looked very beatiful for him so he made her pregnant. After 10 months later she had a baby called persius.

Afterwards king Arcisius was very mad so he put persius into a wooden chest and put him in the wild sea

and then he was in a island some people from Zeus they gave him weapons and he destroyed medusa the end

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