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An Execution and a Miracle

Westoning, Bedfordshire, England Dated: 1170 - 1350
The execution of a miricale

Once there lived a family called the Fri's they where very kind and peaceful to everyone they meet even people who hate them. Then one night a terrible tragedy of murder came to the Fri's. You might think a terrible sorry for the Fri's as they were also rich I will tell you the whole story.
One person who was terribly jealous of the Fri's it was Tan Merlin. Once he came to their house and said "Can i stay for a night" Beth Fri's said to her brother Tom Fri's who then said to his parents if he can stay for the night and his parents agreed. Then one night he got his big knife went to Beth's room and then STAB she was dead then he stabbed everyone until they were dead but it comes to happy end - the Fri's went to Heaven were they lived happily as for Tan he was sent to jail where he died.

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