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A Ride with the Devil

Ranworth, Norfolk, England Dated: 1770
The Devil's Daughter

Legend has it that a girl name Catherine L’trie used to live in a village called Stoneybridge, when she mysteriously went missing. There was also a new student who went to the same school as her a few days before her disappearance, he also went missing at the same time Catherine had. Local police said that they were just two teens in love.

A few weeks after Catherine and the boy disappeared, two other teens named Abbigale Edwards and Phibie Renae vanished into the nearby forests after being pursued by the police. A little while after the police had followed them into the forests they came back saying “The girls were no where to be seen as if they had disappeared into thin air.” They also reported that they had seen trees sprayed with blood and what appeared to be claw marks.

That same day the police took a blood sample from the trees and tested it. The results came back and the blood on the trees belonged to no other then Catherine L’trie, the girl that disappeared a few weeks before with a mysterious new student. With the amount of blood along the trees and ground it was most likely that Catherine was no longer alive, although they never found her body she was presumed dead, the cause of death was a wild animal attack.

About a year later the two missing teens Abbigale and Phibie were found coming out of the woods covered in blood and knife wounds. The two say that they saw Catherine and the boy running further into the forest until he noticed they were there then started attacking and telling them to stay away. Phibie died in a local hospital a few hours later but Abbie sent herself into a coma and remained like that for a month before dying of shock. The strangest thing the doctors said was that when she died, her eyes shot open at the last second and turned bright yellow and remained like that after death. Same thing happened to Phibie except her eyes weren’t yellow they were purple. The doctors said they would do more investigating but found nothing as to why their eyes changed colour. There were soon rumours about the girls not being human, and that what ever they where was somehow linked to Catherine’s death.
People started making spirit boards and trying other ways to see if they could communicate with ‘Catherine’s ghost’. One teenager said she had found the way to communicate with her and that she had seen Catherine.
The girl said to communicate with her ghost you need to sit in a room with the light off and have a bowl of cold water in your hands (if there are more than one of you, you all need to hold or at least touch the bowl) and have at least four candles surrounding you then say an incantation that tells Catherine you want to speak to her.
'Spirit of Catherine come to me/us,
I/we wish to communicate with you in hope you will give me/us answers on how you died and other things.'

The girl also told us that when she saw Catherine her skin was black, she had purple cats eyes as well as the whites of her eyes being black and having sharp fangs. She cried blood when the girl asked her ‘why she looked like that’ and replied with a loud scream that broke the mirror in the girls room and alerted her parents who were down stairs when they heard the mirror smash. but they didn’t hear the defining scream from the ghost girl. Everyone is now calling her the Devils Daughter.

No one knows what happened to the four teens only that the three girls died of unknown causes and the boy, who may possibly be a serial killer is still out there and waiting for his next victim.

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