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The Lady of Van Lake

Black Mountain, Wales Dated: 1170 - 1230
The Mystery of the Lake Lady

A long time ago, there is a place call Carmarthenshire.
There is a village that living a young man. One day when the young man went to eat lunch by the Lake, he saw a beautiful Lady sitting on the water. So the young man tries to touch the Lady, she quickly dive back into the water. The young man was very sad that the Lady left, so he sat down on a rock and wait for the Lady l to come back. It past already one hour, so the young man went back to his house and sleep. when it is almost sunrise, the young man went back to the Lake and see if the Lady is there. after one hour, the young man still didn\'t saw the Lady. Past a few minutes, the Lady finally came out of the water. the young man quickly ran to the Lady and gave her a piece of bread and said\" Would you like to marry me?\"
The Lady answered\" yes!\"
So the Lady told his father about the wedding, and her father said\" of course, but if he makes you upset three times, you will say that I won\'t be your wife anymore.\"
The Lady answered\" Yes father.\"
After that day, the wedding starts at the garden. When the young man and the Lady got married, they both have three sons and have a wonderful day. The next day, the young man told the Lady to catch so horses, dogs and sheep. The Lady was very sad, so she told the young man that you only have two more chances left. Past a few hours, the young man made the Lady very mad, so he only have one more chance left. And when it is the next day, the Lady told the young man that he won\'t be his wife anymore because he is too selfish to her. So the lady left the house and went back to the Lake. but the Lady gave something to her sons, what she gave to her sons is some medicine and went back imto the water.

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