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Theseus and the Minotaur

Crete, Dated: -65 - -8
Theseus and the Minotaur part 1

There once lived a king named king Minos of Crete. King Minos was a nasty and powerful man. He demands that every year fourteen young Athenians are sent to Crete to be sacrefist.
one day the king of Athens showed his son Theseus what he had to do for Athens to be safe
father why do we send these people to Crete and none of them ever come back
they don't come back beasce the are killed and eaten by the minotaur
this is terry bull you know what i will go as one of the fourteen and kill the beast
no son said the king of Athens but it was too late Theseus had already made up his mind
The next day theseus bored the ship with the others and the king said if the sails are black I will know you have died if the sails are white when thesus arrived at crete when they all where out of the boat they were fron in the labyrinth then they came face to face with the mintaur ... to be continued

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