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A Mermaid and a Magic Comb

Cury, Cornwall, England Dated: 1700 - 1800
The mermaid's magic comb

Once upon of time there was a mermaid. She was the most beautiful mermaid in the sea, but she didn't like her hair...she wanted it like all the other mermaids hair. So one day her and her friends bubbles and splash had went on an adventure and they were just swimming and swimming, and swimming. but then the mermaid had saw something very shiny like her father's trident it was so shiny it blinded the shark that got too close to it and tried to steal it. So then she sung her heart out about how she needs the comb and wants the comb then it popped out of the stone and she became happy.Splash and Bubbles had gotten jealous because the mermaid would spend hours on her hair so they took it and hid it somewhere in her room somewhere she could never find it then she told her dad to lock them up and eventually she found her comb and she became happily ever after


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