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A Ride with the Devil

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A ride with the Devil
at night . i had a bad dream . i woke up and found the devil stareing at me . he said we were going...

A ride with the devild
One time there was a boy named James and he woke up to get a drink. He went into the kitchen then...

The Devil's Daughter
Legend has it that a girl name Catherine L’trie used to live in a village called Stoneybridge,...

King of the skatepark
Summer 1995, the skatepark is full. Until a new skatepark order is founded. The King. How it works...

how the giraffe got his long neak
On a hot summer day there was a young Giraffe that lived in a Giraffe village. One day an older...

The Devil\'s Curse
There are cruses in this would that you may not have here\'d of. For EG,the eating curse, you have...

A Ride With The Devil
My auntie told me this story of what happened to her when she was younger. My auntie is now in her...

Home work 22/1/10
Characters: Colonel Thomas Sydney The neighbor The Tall Man in Black Main...

Animation by Callum, Joe, Ellie, Abigail, Rachel
An animation of - A Ride with the Devil, made at a workshop held at the Blenhiem Centre, Southend...

Animated movie of 'A ride with the Devil' by Shaun, Annie and Ellie
An animation of the story of the story 'A ride with the devil', created at an animation workshop...

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