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How to register for E2BN Myths and Legends Story Creator:

To use all the features of Myths and Legends including the Story Creator tool your school will need to register.

General Registration Information

Registration is a process for:

  • Creating a school account with E2BN

  • Creating a user account with E2BN

  • Activating an E2BN web application for your school such as Story Creator

The steps involved may vary depending on the following:
  • If you are the first teacher to register your school

  • Your school is already registered for Story Creator but you don't have a personal login yet

  • You already have a login for a different E2BN product ie Museumbox

So how do I register for Story Creator?

Please note the information below and then proceed to Registration for Story Creator.
  • UK users who have Federated SSO accounts can register using their single-sign on details. Look out for the special buttons on the registration and login pages.

  • Other users can register for Story Creator with their E2BN ID account if they already have one; if not then they can create an E2BN ID during registration.

  • Only Teachers can register for an E2BN ID account; student accounts are created by Teachers via the Adminstration system.

  • We carry out a basic check of information provided by you so it may take a day or so to activate your account fully following payment. Please take care to enter the correct school name and valid contact information as failure to do so may lead to your account being rejected.

  • For information about using Story Creator, handling accounts and more

  • Register for Story Creator

    Pricing Information
  • A whole-school subscription for Myths and Legends / Story Creator costs £59 GBP per year. This equates to less than $50 USD.

  • Some schools in the UK will receive up to 100% discount on the full price because they are members of organisations that have paid for this product on behalf of their schools.

  • Payment
  • Existing Customers – If you are already registered with us for Story Creator or Museum Box and your school does not have an active subscription for this product you will see a payment screen when you go to register or login. You will be able to select the product, check the price and make a payment via Paypal.

  • New Customers - When you register your school you will be shown the cost after you have entered your school details. To continue you'll need to enter your personal details. You will receive a verification link by e-mail. Check your e-mails and click this link. You will now be able to select the product, check the price and make a payment via Paypal.

  • In addtion to your receipt from Paypal you should also receive an e-mail from us confirming that we have recieved payment.

  • UK schools that get 100% discount will need to follow the subscription process but we will not direct you to any external payment provider.

  • If your school already has a current subscription for this product when you register you will not be requested to make a payment.

To register for Story Creator

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