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Myths, Legends, Fables and Traditional Tales - Resource Packs for Years 3 and 5

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Only £23.99
each inc VAT
These handy time saving teaching packs from E2BN come ready to use and offer a complete solution for teaching myths, legends and traditional tales and fables, for just £19.99 +VAT. These resource packs are suitable for both NQTs and experienced teachers, with lesson plans offering straightforward and more challenging activities to suit and extensive range of class needs.
Year 3 Resource Pack
Year 5 Resource Pack

Year 3 – High-quality, Innovative and Fun

This resource pack provides quality pre-built resources and, with interactive whiteboard activities, games and drama, the lessons are creative, innovative and fun! This pack contains all you could possibly want for teaching myths, legends, traditional tales and fables.

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What is included?

  • Four weeks worth of pupil resources, lesson plans and teaching ideas
  • 14 interactive whiteboard presentations
  • 18 mp3 files to create a range of moods
  • Software and software tutorials
  • Templates, writing frames, cartoons and word banks for pupils

Year 5 – High-quality, Innovative and Fun

Deliver the ‘Traditional Tales, Fables, Myths and Legends’ unit in a creative, engaging way with our complete resource pack. This pack includes quality pre-build resources that are creative, innovative and fun. All you could possibly want for teaching the topic with straightforward and more challenging activities to suit an extensive range of class needs at Year 5.

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  • 16 exciting Year 5 lesson plans mapped to NC and NLS to save busy teachers time
  • A wealth of resources including 16 IWB activities, word banks, writing frames, audio files and SEN resources
  • Lessons develop and revise key themes in a variety of multi-media and traditional styles over four weeks

Pack Features

Myths and Legends Resources Pack

The pack has been developed to reflect the excellence and comprehensiveness that you have come to expect from E2BN resources. It is written by leading practitioners with over 20 years' classroom experience and outstanding training skills. Features include:

  • Great starter and extension activities
  • Dynamic teaching ideas with differentiated resources
  • National Curriculum and Literacy Strategy linked
  • Editable templates and 'how to' guides
  • Authored by outstanding practitioners

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