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Single Sign On transfer instructions for teachers

After the 11th June 2012 before you go to the teachers' sign in page, you will need to transfer your account.

You will need to follow the onscreen instructions to transfer your account details to either an E2BN User ID E2BN User Id or another Single Sign On (SSO) if you have one

  1. Click the Transfer button to start the process
  2. Enter your Myths and legends StoryCreator 2 account username and password
  3. You will be asked to check and confirm that the information we hold about you is correct. You will be able to amend some of this information yourself or send a request to us to change some other information. If you are transferring to an E2BN User ID you can change your password at this point if you wish.
  4. Your account transfer will be complete. Once you have completed the transfer process you will sign in to Myths and Legends StoryCreator 2 via the E2BN user ID button or the appropriate button for your SSO provider.

Transferring existing student accounts

After your school has been activated your students will need to sign in with their existing user details and transfer their work to either an E2BN User ID or another SSO. They follow the same process as you did (at sign-in they will be prompted to enter their first and surname) and transfer to the same SSO as you.

Registering new students - If you transferred to an E2BN User ID

Now that you have transferred your account details you can register new students. You will need to go to the teachers' area and sign-in (using your E2BN User ID). You can add students individually or you can upload a spreadsheet containing students' first name/surname/screen name and password. Your students will then be able to sign-in via the E2BN User ID and use the username and password that you gave them.

Registering new students - If you transferred to another SSO

You do not need to register your students. They can go direct to the application and start using it now. When they first sign in they will be prompted to enter their first and surname so you can identify their work.

Moderating students' work

Once your students have submitted work to you it will be stored in the teachers' administration area. Sign in by selecting your SSO provider. Select the "Documents" tab to see the work that has been submitted to you for moderation.

Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that all content published from this account is suitable for a wide school audience. Some of our viewers maybe younger than your own students so please bear this in mind when deciding what is and isn't suitable for publication.

If you find published content on these sites that you think maybe unsuitable please contact

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